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HYXPERT offers healthcare facilities concepts for infection prevention and control which meet individual requirements. We are convinced that safe prevention of infections comes from within the institution. Thus, our main task is to support healthcare facilities to establish their own sustainable concepts for infection prevention. I In short: We enable staff to actively and efficiently manage their infection prevention. To achieve this goal our experienced team of infection control nurses and medical specialists in infection prevention offer conclusive training and consulting services.


HYXPERT’s approach to infection prevention

We offer four modules. In HYXPERT FIT staff from all fields of healthcare qualify as infection prevention coordinators. The other HYXPERT modules support the coordinating staff to manage infection prevention and control effectively. HYXPERT MEDIA is a web-based encyclopedia and digital support tool. The telephone hotline HYXPERT ASSIST supports infection prevention coordinators in difficult decisions. HYXPERT PROoffers face-to-face counselling by our certified infection control nurses and medical specialists in infection prevention in the respective healthcare facility. The aim is to implement efficient infection prevention in line with the regulatory legislation. All HYXPERT modules can also be booked individually.

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Qualifying as an infection prevention coordinator

HYXPERT FIT prepares infection prevention coordinators from all fields of healthcare for their jobs. To do so efficiently HYXPERT FIT makes use of blended learning: In e-learning sessions students acquire basic knowledge in the time they need for this. In face-to-face lessons students broaden this knowledge and focus on know-how in concrete situations. In these lessons knowledge is turned into skills to actively and effectively manage infection prevention.
HYXPERT FIT provides know-how to all those who want to know and implement it.

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Digital encyclopedia for the job

HYXPERT MEDIA facilitates the infection prevention coordinators’ everyday work. The search tool provides infection prevention coordinators with concise and understandable information about infection prevention and control. Staff can also use HYXPERT MEDIA as an e-book. In addition, the news-channel informs staff about latest changes and current issues On HYXPERT MEDIA there are support files for everyday work as well as plans for infection prevention and disinfection. There are power-point-presentations for the teaching of staff as well as videos. With HYXPERT MEDIA the infection prevention coordinators’ work becomes more efficient.

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Telephone hotline for clear answers

Even well-educated coordinators of infection prevention sometimes need an expert’s support. By calling the HYXPERT ASSIST hotline coordinators of infection prevention can get precise answers to all their questions in this field. Certified specialist nurses and doctors help coordinating staff to be on the safe side, even in the process of making difficult decisions.

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Comprehensive management of infection prevention by specialist nurses and doctors for infection prevention and control

Quality-enhancing, in line with legal requirements and still efficient: This applies to infection prevention by HYXPERT’s certified specialist nurses and doctors.
This offer is for hospitals, rehabilitation centres, elderly care facilities and outpatient care centres.
The HYXPERT specialists cooperate with the infection prevention coordinators of the healthcare facility to guarantee the highest standards of safety in infection prevention. In doing so, coordinating staff can profit from our specialists’ proficiency, experience and sense of proportion. The concepts comply with legal requirements and prevent infections successfully. HYXPERT PRO is management of infection prevention at the highest level.