Qualifying as infection prevention coordinator

HYXPERT offers training to nurses/ clinical staff who want to become infection prevention coordinators in all fields of healthcare.

Unfortunately, due to the current Corona situation, no events are taking place. If you would like to be informed as soon as we have scheduled your desired training, please use the contact form.


Staff is highly motivated when they can meet requirements to satisfy everybody involved. HYXPERT provides healthcare facilities with everything necessary to achieve this.

The HYXPERT FIT blended learning concept combines e-learning and face-to-face teaching most efficiently. HYXPERT’s lecturers have practical experience and teach aspects which are essential to everyday work. Not only does HYXPERT provide its students with knowledge, HYXPERT also enables them to actively manage infection prevention.


The course starts with e-learning sessions which staff can do at any computer with access to the Internet. In these sessions participants acquire basic knowledge at their own pace. The e-learning sessions make it possible for staff to acquire this knowledge when and where it suits them. A quiz at the end of each session gives the participants some feedback on their progress. The face-to-face lessons broadens the knowledge while focussing on how to use it at work. At the end of the course the participants take a test and receive a certificate.